Game Changer: Scratch BANGPoker! Featured at 2021 Protospiel Chicago for Game Designers

Protospiel Chicago is a once a year gathering of Boardgame Designers – this year September 10 – 12 in Bolingbrook, IL. Designer MaxBruce will feature his game changer Scratch BANGPoker! by having non-wagering mini-tournaments for fun and entertainment.By: The ScratchDeck Playing Cards Company

Scratch BANGPoker! - the game changer

Scratch BANGPoker! – the game changerCHICAGO – Sept. 3, 2021 – PRLog — We’ve all heard the expression, “it was a game changer”, but MaxBruce, an amateur game designer, has actually done it by accident!

In a self-interview he says, “I didn’t set out to change the game of poker, it just happened. After my father passed in December 2019, as a therapy, I created a conversation card game to better deal with grief by simply talking about stuff. Actually my Mom, sister and daughter were also involved in developing the game and my goal was to hand it off to them to run with to keep them challenged and motivated especially my Mom who was married to my Dad for 65 years at the time of his death.”

“One of the creative features of BestLife Decks, was scratchoff cards within the actual deck so if you drew that card you didn’t know what the question and/or answer was and it added an element of surprise. In my research I noticed that no one was incorporating scratchoffs within the rules and actual playing cards so I knew it was unique especially coupled with the grief cards.”

“In February of 2021 my Mom passed from a long battle with leukemia and ironically she was awarded a federal trademark for the game the week of her death. This caused me to look into the situation and I found that other than a card game with a scratchoff box top, there were still no known games incorporating scratchoffs within the rules and actual playing cards so I decided to keep the idea alive and started playing around with some legacy games to see if there were possibilities for innovation and lo and behold I found a great fit with poker!”

“After much experimenting I found that the system works with any type of wagering game and to make it more unique I incorporated social and party elements and that gave me the confidence to start ‘The ScratchDeck Playing Cards Company’ which I’ve assigned the intellectual property rights. Family and friends are loving it!”

“Joining the Chicagoland Boardgame Designers and Playtesters group (on is one of the smartest things I could have done,” says Max. “Randy, the host, and many others within the group have helped me tweak the game to a level so that even some professionals are getting interested now.”

Join us at the 2021 Protospiel Chicago* to play fun games, win prizes and get giveaways and be sure to play a round of Scratch BANGPoker! while you’re there!


About the “SDPCC”
The ScratchDeck Playing Cards Company is a startup and a Public Benefit Corporation whose mission is to entertain via adult themed card games while committing a portion of sales revenue to a variety of worthy causes.

Protospiels are THE events for Game Designers to improve their games. Protospiel Chicago is a once a year gathering of boardgame designers for the entire weekend; this year Sept. 10-12 in Bolingbrook, IL.  See for all the details.

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